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Acrylic Denture

At Dentacast our procedure for all partials determine desirable undercuts from undesirable undercuts. Our standard procedure for all partials is to survey and duplicate the master model so you receive your case returned to you fitting on the master cast thus ensuring a perfect fit. Every case is sent with patient care instructions. Acrylic denture service takes 5 working days and comes with an unconditional guarantee.


We use Fiber Force in repairs and new dentures when maximum strength is required. Fiber Force is a strong esthetic, comfortable fiber reinforement system that can be incorporated into your new dentures. The unique technologly uses impregnated specially-treated E glass fibers coated with a resin that bonds to the acrylic resin used to make dentures. A Fiber Force denture is more than 300% stronger than traditional acrylic dentures.


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