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"We will be more than happy to assist in any way to design and create a perfectly fitting and functioning partial that will preserve standing teeth."


We can assist you with treatment plans incorporating attachments, crown and bridge work, implants and overdentures.

Dentures may work as splints or retainers after orthodontic treatment. Designs include:

  • Swing latch – splints and stabilizers standing teeth. There is no stress on existing dentition when inserting or removing denture.
  • Hinges to stress-break fragile teeth.
  • Wrought clasping incorporated into cast frames.
  • Chrome cobalt base providing strength and stability where needed with clasps cast in gold.
  • Mesh partials for cases that require a plastic full or partial denture. We may cast the palatal area with mesh and strengthen for later acrylic processing, survey and cast clasping to intimately fit and retain the denture.
  • Do you have a patient with a plastic denture who has a history of persistent fracturing of one or more teeth? For very little cost we may cast a backing and mesh attachment to be processed into the existing repair.


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